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iNewspapers: Sites for sore eyes

The NY Times is redesigning its website and is looking to overhaul the way it looks and, in doing so, change the way readers can navigate it. It’s only a prototype at this stage, but it certainly looks nice. It’s clean, organised and seems to be intuitive in the way it helps readers find more … Continue reading

Hey kids, it’s TV time, turn on the internet

One thing I’m interested in at the moment is the future of TV. Just like publishing, well newspapers are at the sharp end, but there are also magazines and books, which is being dramatically reshaped by the internet, the future of TV is uncertain. Do you watch TV in real time ads and all? I’m … Continue reading

Calling time on your digital life

I couldn’t live without my smartphone, my iPad, my wireless router, my desktop computer, my Apple TV or my multimedia storage box. Okay, okay, I could if I really had to but I wouldn’t like it. I’ve come to rely on all my devices for work, entertainment and a bit of help occupying the kids. … Continue reading

Saving journalism with click fodder stories

The saviour of longform journalism or the end of quality journalism? That’s the question raised by The Gawker’s experiment with quality vs quantity in online journalism. The Gawker now has an “internet editor” whose job it is to trawl the net and post photos, videos and basically anything to grab maximum page views and lead … Continue reading

Newspapers facing a digital death?

If you’re a journalist, as I am, you are probably worried about the future of newspapers and journalism in general. The net, the loss of advertising revenue and general fragmentation of readers means has had a damaging effect on readership, revenues and jobs. The answer? Well, from what I’ve read, there’s no simple, or single, … Continue reading

Future U: The stubborn persistence of textbooks | Ars Technica

As a technology journalist, I spend a lot of time writing about how technology makes life better and will take over our lives or at least radically change the way we do certain things. So it’s quite refreshing to read something talking up the benefits of the humble book in the face of e-books, tablets, … Continue reading

iPhone, therefore I guilty?

Should we care about who makes our technology? A new campaign by activist group The Sum of Us is calling on Apple to overhaul the way its suppliers treat their workers in time for the launch of the iPhone 5. But why all this attention on Apple? It’s definitely not the only tech company with … Continue reading



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