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Hey kids, it’s TV time, turn on the internet

One thing I’m interested in at the moment is the future of TV. Just like publishing, well newspapers are at the sharp end, but there are also magazines and books, which is being dramatically reshaped by the internet, the future of TV is uncertain. Do you watch TV in real time ads and all? I’m … Continue reading

Calling time on your digital life

I couldn’t live without my smartphone, my iPad, my wireless router, my desktop computer, my Apple TV or my multimedia storage box. Okay, okay, I could if I really had to but I wouldn’t like it. I’ve come to rely on all my devices for work, entertainment and a bit of help occupying the kids. … Continue reading

Sleep coach, Short order cook, OHS manager: the many mes in a day

Sleep coach Short order cook Personal dresser TV broadcaster Negotiator Dietician Laundromat Short order cook Craft consultant Counsellor IT manager Accountant Brains trust Adjudicator Short order cook Gardening consultant First aid officer Home organiser Referee Short order cook Home affairs manager Buyer Storewoman and packer Social secretary/CEO/Chairwoman of the Board Referee Entertainment director and Censor … Continue reading

Future U: The stubborn persistence of textbooks | Ars Technica

As a technology journalist, I spend a lot of time writing about how technology makes life better and will take over our lives or at least radically change the way we do certain things. So it’s quite refreshing to read something talking up the benefits of the humble book in the face of e-books, tablets, … Continue reading

Reblog: Books for Writing

Originally posted on Live to Write – Write to Live:
Lisa J. Jackson and I were talking about our favorite writing books recently. There are some books that I have read over and over again because I learn something new every time, and there are books that I have only recently found, but have gotten…

Valentine’s Day

I have to confess that I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I’ve happily received a few cards over the years and some flowers, but maybe it’s the cynic in me that I find this prescriptive schedule for outpourings of love slightly uncomfortable and a bit manufactured. Before I was married, my husband … Continue reading

Why do we sleep?

As someone who’s had two babies in three years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about sleep but, sadly, not as much time in those first months actually doing the sleeping. If I ever wondered why we need sleep, I had this question answered on a daily basis as I struggled through the day … Continue reading



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