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iNewspapers: Sites for sore eyes

The NY Times is redesigning its website and is looking to overhaul the way it looks and, in doing so, change the way readers can navigate it.


The NYT site is clean and intuitive.

It’s only a prototype at this stage, but it certainly looks nice. It’s clean, organised and seems to be intuitive in the way it helps readers find more articles or navigate to different sections.

I’ve had a quick look and it looks like a good attempt. I think for too long newspaper sites have been woeful because they’ve just replicated the look of the paper version or been a bit of a hodge podge of news and features and click fodder stories.

Newspapers will live and die by the sites, we can see that from the shrinking sales and advertising dollar. The ones with the foresight and courage to innovate in the way they look but also the way content is gathered together and organised will grab reader eyes in the busy world of the web.

In Sydney, Australia, were I reside, our flagship daily The Sydney Morning Herald and it’s sister publication in Melbourne The Age have just been relaunched as compact publications. It’s a cost cutting measure as both papers are struggling.


The SMH site looks busy and hard to find sections.

The SMH site has been redesigned and after a few tweaks in the last few weeks, I still think it takes a bit of getting used to. I think the font is too small, it’s too crowded and the pictures and story boxes don’t differentiate enough to find the top stories.

You can find the new NYT site here:

Introducing A New Article Design — NYTimes.com.



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