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Calling time on your digital life

Tune in, drop out, restart, tune in again

Tuning in takes a lot more than just turning a few knobs. Scorch 07 on Flickr Creative Common

I couldn’t live without my smartphone, my iPad, my wireless router, my desktop computer, my Apple TV or my multimedia storage box. Okay, okay, I could if I really had to but I wouldn’t like it. I’ve come to rely on all my devices for work, entertainment and a bit of help occupying the kids.

But I don’t kid myself that they’re intended to save me time. New devices are often marketed as ‘time saving’, ‘streamlined’ or ‘promoting organisation’ or some such thing. I’m sure you’ve seen all those TV ads showing how you can go from writing your novel to watching a tv to sending an email to shopping for a new top with a few swipes of the iPad screen.

It looks good, doesn’t it? I’m sold and love a new bit of gadgetry. But the rub is that it’s not all seamless and easy, and even if it is, it takes so much time to get it all up.

And this is my point. I love the digital life, but I’ve become burdened by all time management required to get there. Updates keep coming, security fixes and patches are a regular event, operating systems always seem to need to be renewed and restarts are an all-too-regular interruption to my seamless always-on tech-connected life.

Why didn’t Steve Jobs every start his presentation with a software update, restart and re-enter user ID and password? This would have been a more accurate portrayal of the hidden downtime that one has to endure before being seamlessly connected.

So I’m calling time on all this dead time that is needed before entering the ubiquitous tech-connected life.



3 thoughts on “Calling time on your digital life

  1. I love technology as well! That’s my full-time job on top of just loving it in my personal life! But, you’re right. It’s not a time-saver when we spend time doing everything it takes to “keep up”. Plus, I’ve come to realize it isn’t a time saver if that’s all you all of the time. I’m trying to actually have some downtime away from technology scheduled into my day. We want our kids to unplug a little, so I feel we need to set an example.

    Posted by Emily | 23 June 2012, 11:36 am
  2. I hear you! We are constantly interrupted by our technology reminding us to update this and download that. It’s a whole new thing to add to our busy lives! x

    Posted by maxabella | 24 June 2012, 8:27 pm

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