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Newspapers in the internet age

Printing press pumps out newspapers. Vladimir Rodionov/CC

The once mighty printing press.

As a journalist I’m often despairing at the state of newspapers and traditional media as more jobs go, sales are down and writing jobs go to a big pool of freelancers for less money.

So I was intrigued to find this blog post about ways newspapers and other media can survive in the new digital, internet age when revenues from advertising will never be the same and the media is competing for viewers’ attention with so many sources.

I hope for the sake of my future career and the importance of news and media generally that we survive and prosper.

Steve Buttry has been in the newspaper game for 30 years and is the  Director of Community Engagement & Social Media for Digital First Media and Journal Register Co. Read the full blog post from Steve Buttry by following the link below. It makes for interesting reading and fleshes out his ideas mentioned below. His blog is at stevebuttry.wordpress.com.

Newspapers don’t need new ideas; here are lots of ideas for new revenue streams.

Actually, newspapers don’t need new ideas. They need to unshackle themselves from their old advertising-and-circulation model and start serious pursuit of the dozens of ideas already presented for developing new revenue sources. Here are some ideas (not all mine and not new here, but not yet in wide use, at least by newspaper companies):

Develop the must-have driving app for your community.

Offer commissioned life stories instead of formulaic obituaries.

Daily deals.

Direct transactions.

Local search.


Social media.

Blog networks.

Mobile applications.


Community funding.

Direct content sales.



4 thoughts on “Newspapers in the internet age

  1. The problem with newspapers is they aren’t primary news sources anymore because of the instantaneous digital news mediums available on the net. I never buy or look at one anymore – they are just irrelevant. As revenue is squeezed, I suspect the advertorials and opinion pieces will increase and quality journos let go in the name of efficiency, restructuring and sensationalism in order to attract readers. Hopefully the newspaper will survive in the digital form and fulfill its charter of delivering news in an objective, intelligent fashion.

    Posted by Teachit | 7 June 2012, 6:57 pm
  2. Found this interesting.
    Everything is changing around people so much that there is nothing out there that you can do forever anymore.

    I’m a film director, trained just before computer technology hit us.
    It was complete re-training!

    Posted by kolembo | 20 June 2012, 2:50 pm


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