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The Spanish girl who’s ruining my beach days

Standing at the end by Southern Heart/ CC licence

A day at the beach is better than therapy

I propose that a day at the beach is better than therapy and it must be universally enjoyed by us all. How else to explain the ridiculously high prices for beach-side homes and the mad amounts of money we’re prepared to spend on a beach holiday to position ourselves within walking distance of the sand and water?

Now that I have two small children, of course, I realise that it’s one of the best types of childcare as they’re occupied with sand and buckets while I can be unoccupied with a magazine or a paper.

What better way to spend a warm, sunny day than at the beach? It’s summer in Australia, so beach days are the default activity at this time of year, but not so much this summer. We’ve had unseasonably low temperatures, grey skies and lots of wet. The reason is a little Spanish girl, La Nina.

This chica is bringing rain, rain and more rain; and much lower summer temperatures. The La Nina weather pattern that we’re experiencing on the eastern seaboard of Australia is also resulting in extensive flooding in parts of Queensland and New South Wales. It’s a testament to the big wet La Nina brings, in direct opposition to its counterpart El Nino that delivers hot, dry conditions often resulting in droughts.

La Nina and El Nino are quite complex weather systems but essentially the water surface temperature rises during El Nino bringing higher temps, less rainfall and less cloud cover. The strength of each system can vary which means it can bring devastating droughts or floods, events that have us all talking about the weather day in day out or in extreme cases, evacuating houses if we live in an effected area. Sometimes these systems pass relatively unnoticed and are not the starting subject of most conversations.

The Bureau of Meteorology has some interesting facts on El Nino and La Nina in Australia that can be found at the BOM website. For example, I didn’t know that in 2002 we had the worst drought in Australia’s history. But I digress.

I can always tell if the weather is unusual by the way someone I know starts their conversations. It goes along the lines of ‘hot, I’ve never been so hot’. At the moment it tends to be ‘wet, I’ve never seen so much rain’. That tells me the weather is a bit out of the ordinary, and I can probably get the forecast for the next few days as well, so I’ll know whether my plans for the beach will be ruined.

What do you like about the beach? Or are you an indoors creature and find all that sunshine and sand too much?



2 thoughts on “The Spanish girl who’s ruining my beach days

  1. I love the beach but with my pale, pasty skin, I can’t spend too much time in the sun or I morph into a lobster! The spanish girl is very unwelcome. She gatecrashed on the back of her boyfriend and we need to bounce her out of the party. Good to see you blogging again (your site looks fab!). I can’t believe it has been 18 months since you were at work. Doesn’t time fly??? x

    Posted by MultipleMum | 8 February 2012, 8:13 pm
  2. This would have to be the most disappointing summer for the beach I can remember. I can count my trips to the beach on one hand since Dec 1. My pool has been chlorinated and scooped to an inch of its life but no-one is in it. My garden has exploded into a lush, green belt running the length of my fence. My trees look ominously taller and their crowns stretch into the neighbour’s. The cat looks pensive and bored as she stares out at another day of rain. Waves of water move across our parched brown land in a muddy torrent that swamps small towns I’ll never visit. The dust bowl of a few years ago has turned into the brown swirl of today as it cascades through people’s lounge rooms. The beach is a no go zone until this Spanish chic is sent packing. But then we’ll have her nasty little brother (El Nino) back, blowing all the dust in our faces again.

    Posted by Teachit | 9 February 2012, 7:08 pm

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