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Reading a tome takes time

I’ve just started reading Anna Karenina. I should say re-reading because this is the second read, but nonetheless it’s going to take a commitment to some serious reading time and also some kind of regime or schedule. Now that doesn’t sound very romantic for a book about passions but sadly with so many competing interests for time and attention I need to set myself a reading plan or Anna Karenina will never get finished or my freelance work will never get finished, the dinner wont get made and my little boy might be left at daycare when the lights go out.

So I set myself a modest goal to read 30 pages a day. This way okay on the days when I had dinner in the oven and the freelance work done for the week. So I’ve revised to about 20 to 25 pages a day. I’ve go enough time at night to get through this many pages and I can probably finish the book in four to six weeks. It’s a beautifully written book that builds the drama, but if I can only ready two pages a day I’ll lose the momentum and it will seem disjointed. So on my To Do list for each day I make a listing for my ‘Anna K 20 pages’ and just like the washing and the dinner it gets done because it’s scheduled.

So far it’s working. I’m past 120 pages and getting more out of the novel this time. A second read is a real treat because it’s a richer, more rewarding read and should be given a good stretch of reading time to soak it up. I’m also watching Jonathan Dimbleby’s excellent 2008 doco series on Russia that is adding some pictures and a bit of context to Russia, its past and its people.

How do you approach reading a tome?



2 thoughts on “Reading a tome takes time

  1. Yeah, Tolstoy is a challenge but worth the time and effort. I’m reading The Odyssey which is touted as one of the pillars of Western literature. However, the relentless referencing of every character’s noble genealogy becomes tiresome. The God’s play havoc with the mortals is good for a laugh. Poking the cyclop’s eye out is a high point and takes me back to that trite little B-grade flick called Jason and the Argonaunts. Read on!

    Posted by Teachit | 31 March 2011, 7:05 pm
  2. I haven’t tried to read Anna K. Am working my way through Crime and Punishment at the moment. I could use a schedule like yours because a few pages on the loo each day doesn’t seem to be getting me very far! Why can I read Zac Powers with Nug in a night but only get a page of my own book read? Priorities!

    Posted by MultipleMum | 6 April 2011, 3:53 pm

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