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Do you cheat on your books?

Do you cheat on your books?

Some readers like to be in an exclusive relationship with their books; you might call these readers the serial monogamists who only start a new book when the previous book is finished. These readers move in a considered way from one book to another book and don’t cheat or moonlight with other books.

Other readers, and I include myself in this category, are polygamist readers who like to share their reading love among several books at the same time. There are so many good books to read that it’s just too tempting not to open the cover of a new book and be drawn in.

I tend to have one or two main books and then I have brief affairs or dalliances with other books that I come in and out of, but I stick with my main books until the end. I don’t have a lot of reading time as I work and have small children, so I have to be in a semi-exclusive relationship with my book or it’ll take me so long to finish it the thrill and excitement might start to wane.

At the moment, I’ve just started a new relationship with The Doubleman by Christopher J Koch and it requires most of my reading affection. But I still have a little bit of heart to dip in and out of a book of essays and journalism by George Orwell. Some are just brief chats over a coffee and that’s enough variety to spice up my morning and give me something to ponder until evening when I can settle into time with The Doubleman.



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